Mole Removal

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Mole Removal At Home?

Have you ever been embarrassed about a mole on your face? It could be a small flaw that stands out distinctly or a big one you are tired of seeing in the mirror every day. Irrespective, mole removal might answer your quest for smooth skin.

At Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic, under Dr. Shikhar Chaube’s leadership, we understand how self-esteem can be affected by even the smallest faults. For this reason, we focus on giving safe and reliable mole removal treatments that help you feel good and enhance your appearance.

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Understanding Skin Mole Removal:

Moles or nevi (in medical terms) are common skin growths found anywhere in the body. While most moles do not cause harm, others may be removed if they affect an individual aesthetically or if there is suspicion of skin cancer.

The Procedure of Skin Mole Removal Treatment:

Mole removal is a simple outpatient surgery that can usually be done during just one visit to our clinic. First, Dr. Chaube carries out a thorough examination to understand the size, shape, and location of the mole. Based on this assessment he will then suggest the best skin mole removal method.

Surgical Excision: This traditional approach involves cutting the mole out and sewing it shut afterward, but it is effective and may create scarring, particularly if the mole is big.

Laser Mole Removal: Mole removal has been transformed by laser technology. It targets the pigment in a mole and breaks it down without damaging the skin around it. Laser mole removal is usually accurate with minimal scarring and could be best for mole removal on the face.

Shave Excision: In this technique, moles are scraped off from the top layer of skin using a scalpel blade. It can be used to treat small moles which do not need stitches.

Cryotherapy: The mole is frozen with liquid nitrogen during cryotherapy; this will make it blister, and eventually fall off of its own accord. Though a speedy process, complete elimination might require multiple sessions. 

Topical Treatments: Some creams and ointments claim to help get rid of moles but their efficacy is mostly suspect as they may work on very small and superficial moles, but are unlikely to offer significant results for larger or deeper ones.

Why You Should Never Try Removing Moles at Home

Though tempting, DIY mole removal comes with risks that one must understand well. Here are some compelling reasons why you should let professionals take care of mole removal:

Risk of Infection: Anytime you break the skin’s barrier, there is a chance that you may get infected. Removing moles at home without proper sterilization and technique can lead to bacterial contamination followed by infections.

Incomplete Removal: DIY methods such as cutting or burning off a mole might not completely remove it; and in its place, they leave behind residual pigmented cells which in some cases can lead to regrowth and even rare malignancy.

Scarring: This may arise when someone uses inappropriate techniques for mole removal; making them have ugly scars.

Misdiagnosis: All moles are not harmless. This wrong method of handling a mole without being examined or diagnosed by a healthcare specialist will most likely prolong the early detection of skin cancer or other serious diseases.

Lack of Follow-up Care: Reducing moles through professional means includes monitoring and taking care after the procedure until full recovery is achieved whereas lack of this essential part often occurs in DIY leading to your ill health.

Why Choose Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic?

Expertise Plus Expert Medical Minds: Dr. Shikhar Chaube has been practicing systematicity and accuracy while performing surgical processes related to mole removals for more than five years; therefore, he promises efficient services regarding your individual needs.’

Cutting-edge Technology: We employ the latest developments in dermatological technology to achieve superior results for our patients at Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic. We have laser mole removal among other techniques; hence we have all it takes to deliver nothing but optimal results.

Individualized Attention: We realize that each patient is unique, which is why we approach each case differently by personalizing mole removal procedures for all patients. During this healing period, Dr. Shikhar Chaube will support you throughout the entire journey to ensure positive outcomes for his clients.