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It can be difficult for anyone, regardless of gender to go through hair loss. It might be more hair in the shower or thinning patches, but it all adds up to a decrease in one’s self-esteem and happiness. Thus, it is no surprise that many people search for the most efficient ways to restore their hair fullness and vitality. Personalized hair fall treatments are what Dr. Shikhar Chaube focuses on at Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic.

Understanding Hair Loss

Before suggesting different ways of hair fall treatment, it is important to understand why people lose their hair. Hair loss may occur due to genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, stress, malnutrition, and other medical conditions. Knowing the exact cause of this will guide Dr.Shikar in picking the best treatment for your situation.

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Effective Hair Fall Treatment Options

  1. Medications

Medications are usually used as an initial remedy for persons facing hair loss. The FDA has approved two treatments Minoxidil and Finasteride which treat this condition. It involves the application of liquid Minoxidil directly onto the scalp which induces new growth and reduces further losses. Finasteride is taken orally as a tablet. It works by reducing the production of one type of hormone that causes these complications. These remedies prove highly productive among those with less advanced stages of balding.


  1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP hair treatment is a modern therapy where your blood’s platelets are used to stimulate hair growth. But what does PRP stand for in hair treatment? Well, it means Platelet-Rich Plasma; during this procedure, a small amount of your blood is drawn and then processed to concentrate the platelets before being injected into the patient’s scalp.

These platelets release growth factors that encourage regeneration and new hair production in follicles. PRP therapy offers a minimally invasive therapy for people dealing with hair loss problems. It has shown promising results so far!

  1. Hair Transplant

If you’re experiencing extreme hair loss, you may consider a hair transplant as your best hair loss treatment to get rid of it. In this surgical procedure, hair follicles are moved from a dense area (such as the back of the head) to areas where the hair is thinning or balding. Hair transplants produce natural-looking results that last forever. Dr. Shikhar Chaube has a lot of experience and is considered to be the best dermatologist for hair loss; he makes sure that new hair matches perfectly with the ones you already have.

  1. Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

Sometimes, hair fall can be fought by making simple changes in what we eat and how we live. For example, a diet that includes lots of vitamins and minerals – like iron or zinc – is good for helping hair grow healthily; on the other hand, doing things such as yoga exercises may lessen stress levels thereby reducing falls. Dr. Chaube often advises about healthy living with hair loss and treatment; which also takes care of other parts in contributing towards this issue being solved altogether.

Specialized Treatments for Men and Women

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Most men experience a receding hairline and thinning at the crown as part of male pattern baldness. Early intervention can stop hair loss from getting worse. For men who have hair loss problems, comprehensive treatments are provided by Dr. Chaube including personalized medication plans, PRP therapy sessions, or even surgery if needed.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Hair loss can be extremely upsetting to women and it usually affects their self-confidence. Ladies suffering from pattern hair loss often have the problem of general hair thinning, especially on their crowns. Pregnancy or menopause that causes hormonal changes may increase hair loss. Dr. Chaube offers a specialized hair loss treatment program for women with the primary goal of reinstating hair thickness and volume.

Innovative Hair Fall Solutions

Eyebrow Transplant

For individuals who are experiencing thinning brows, an eyebrow transplant is a possible cure. This process involves taking grafts of hair follicles to the brow area to achieve fuller, more defined eyebrows. Based on his experience in eyebrow transplants, Dr. Chaube will make your face look much better naturally.

Alopecia Treatment

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which patchy baldness occurs on the scalp and other parts of the body. The immune response should be addressed and measures taken to encourage the growth of new hairs as part of an alopecia treatment plan. The various treatments available include PRP therapy, corticosteroid injections, or topical immunotherapy. Being up-to-date with current alopecia treatments has helped Dr.Chaube restore many patients’ confidence and their lost locks.

Choosing the Right Dermatologist for Hair Loss

It is important to note that when it comes to hair loss, it is very important to find the right dermatologist who will be able to offer a good hair fall solution. This is why Dr. Shikhar Chaube of Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic has combined extensive experience in this area with a compassionate approach towards each patient to ensure personalized care for all his clients. His dedication to embracing new innovative approaches to hair loss treatment will enable us to have the right remedy.

Why Choose Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic?

When it comes to matters concerning hair fall, Eliixir Clinic provides many hair fall solution due to its modern facilities coupled with patient-based care programs provided by them.

Here’s why you should consider Eliixir for your hair loss therapy:

  • Expertise: Dr. Shikhar Chaube is a distinguished skin specialist acknowledged for successful operation outcomes on hair loss cases.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Each patient has their individual needs and patterns of hair loss hence they are given an individualized treatment program for them.
  • Advanced Technology: They incorporate using the most recent technological devices and methods for hair fall cure; thus raising the chances of the best results ever from such clinics.
  • Comprehensive Care: Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic supports patients through hair solution for hair loss, from the diagnosis stage to post-treatment.


It is tough going through hair loss; however, successful hair treatment for hair loss can help you regain your hair and confidence. Dr. Shikhar Chaube at Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic provides a variety of hair fall treatments that are specific to your needs. The best hair fall treatment depends on the cause and severity of your hair loss, so Dr.Shihkar Chaube uses different techniques such as medication, PRP therapy, transplanting hairs, and changing the way of life.

If you have problems with baldness, do not wait until it becomes severe. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shikhar Chaube at Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic to take your very first step towards thicker, healthier-looking tresses today.

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Which treatment is best for hair fall?

The optimal method of treating hair loss depends on its cause and severity.  It could involve, for example, medications – such as finasteride and minoxidil – or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment and hair transplantation services provided by specialists such as Dr. Shikhar Chaube at Eliixir Skin and Hair Clinic.

Can low B12 cause hair loss?

That’s right; a lack of vitamin B12 leads to hair fall. Additionally, B12 plays an important role in facilitating the development of healthy hair follicles; hence, deficiency can cause thinning and eventually falling out of hair strands.

How will I stop my hair fall?

If you want to prevent hair loss, try minoxidil, PRP therapy, or hair transplantation. It is also essential to eat well, manage stress, and seek advice from a dermatologist.

Which vitamin stops hair fall?

Vitamins aiding in the prevention of hair loss are biotin which is also known as vitamin B7, vitamin D, E, as well as B12. These essential nutrients help promote strong healthy growing hairs while reducing shedding if taken from well-balanced meals or as supplements.