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Are you fed up with skin that’s dull and lifeless? Want to rejuvenate your whole body and get a youthful radiance? Then look no further than full-body chemical peel! You can release the secret of glowing, refreshed skin from head to toe with Eliixir Skin & Hair Clinic led by Dr. Shikhar Chaube. There will be no more fine lines, spots, or uneven skin tone. Let us make you beautiful from within; turn your skin into art. Call us today for more information about this fantastic treatment!

What is a Body Chemical Peel?

If you seek to freshen up your skin in different parts of the body, then a body chemical peel may offer the solution you need. This beauty treatment involves applying chemical solutions that sink through the epidermal layer, removing dead cells, opening up clogged pores, and triggering the production of collagen. Thus giving you velvety skin that is brighter and younger looking.

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The Body Peel Treatment Process

The procedure of having a full body chemical peel is the application of a specially formulated solution on the skin. The given formula takes into account the exact situation of each patient and may include alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This solution is applied in layers that ensure it penetrates the skin’s outermost part, thereby eliminating dead cells, excess oil, and other impurities.

In this manner, new and healthy skin cells are stimulated to grow resulting in a smoother, glowing, and youthful look. For individuals to have a more radiant look that is confident; get their skin’s texture perfected, its tone evened out and an overall improvement achieved.

Benefits of Full Body Peels

Body chemical peel offers many benefits and leads to the desired outcome of new radiant skin. Some of these include:

Improved Skin Texture:

By exfoliating dead cells and encouraging cell turnover for smoother and even toned skin, Full Body peels can improve your complexion.

Pigmentation Reduced:

A more even complexion can be achieved by using full-body chemical peels as they help fade away dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and any unevenness in skin tone.

Minimized Fine Lines And Wrinkles:

Using body peels with exfoliating properties will make fine lines and wrinkles less visible thus giving you younger-looking skin.

Unclogged Pores:

By effectively removing bodies’ dead parts, the appearance of acne and blackheads underneath one’s face will be reduced.

Collagen Produced:

Alongside promoting collagen production in your body such treatments will therefore elevate your skin’s elasticity as well as firmness.

Full Body Chemical Peel for Darker Skin Tone

At our clinic, we recognize that people with darker complexion usually have different skin care needs than others, thus requiring more potent treatments. For this reason, we provide specialized full body chemical peel for darker skin tones.

Our experienced dermatologist uses mild yet effective formulas on dark skin targeting problems like acne marks, hyper-pigmentation as well as uneven tone without causing any harm or discomfort.

Full body chemical peel cost

The cost of a full body chemical peel can vary depending on factors like the type of treatment used, the size of the treated area, and the number of sessions necessary to obtain optimal results. When you first visit Dr. Shikhar’s office for consultation purposes, we will offer you your personal treatment plan and discuss pricing. At our clinic, we provide the best and most affordable treatment plans, because the cost cannot be a barrier to achieving the healthy skin you deserve.

Is a Full Body Peel Right for You?

A full body chemical peel might be the ideal thing if you’re looking to refresh your skin and get a more evened-out complexion throughout. If you have problems with pigmentation matters, roughness on your skin, or aging signs, then our Eliixir Skin & Hair Clinic professionals are here for your rescue.

Other Treatments Available

Under Eye Peels:

The under-eye peels are designed for the thin and fragile skin under the eyes, aiming at reducing the problems of dark circles, lines, and wrinkles at the corner of the eyes and puffiness. Doctors massage the solutions into the fragile and delicate under-eye area, which is specially made for this area. These solutions, apart from providing rejuvenation, also help exfoliate the skin. C-section treatments are a promising medical procedure that can alleviate under-eye circles, improve epidermis structure, and restore the skin to its prime.

Neck Peels:

These peels work on the neck area like under eye peels. Neck peels help in smoothening skin texture, reduce sagging, and minimize signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation spots on necks.

Intimate Peels:

This involves treatment on more sensitive areas like bikini lines or armpits. With Intimate peels, dark spots become lighter while pigmentation is reduced for overall evenness in these delicate regions. Intimate peels should be approached with caution due to the controversy surrounding them. Even if intimate peel treatment works by lightening dark intimate areas’ complexion or improving their texture; they can be dangerous causing rashes, sensitivity, and infection sometimes. Therefore, before taking any such treatments consider consulting with an experienced dermatologist.

Skin Brightening:

It aims at lessening hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and dullness resulting in a more glowing complexion. Skin brightening is normally achieved by using components such as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), vitamin C, or lighteners which encourage brighter looks.


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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I chemical peel my whole body?

Yes, you can get a chemical peel for your whole body.

Which chemical peel is best for body?

The best chemical peel for an individual depends on their skin type and concern. For the best option, you can consult an experienced dermatologist who can guide you to get what is best for you.