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Having healthy hair is not only a dream for women but for men as well. However, men & women both have to deal with different kind of hair problems.

There can be different clinical and aesthetic issues related to hair such as hair thinning, baldness (different male & female patterns), dandruff, alopecia areata, hormone based autoimmune disorders to name but a few.

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This area requires a thorough workup with investigation to diagnose the right issue so as to determine the right treatment for it.

There can be various underlying causes which require detailed examination and treatment.


01Your Appearance

This appears as random circular patches of baldness. injections of Corticosteroids are used to stimulate hair growth.

Meso Therapy

02Your Appearance

Injecting vitamins, hormones & medicines like minoxidil to improve blood circulation, instill essential nutrients to reduce…

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


Involves centrifugation to extract platelet rich plasma concentrate which is then injected into patient’s scalp to reduce.

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